Georg Knill

Presidents of the Austrian industrialist‘s union

Bringing Excellence to the Forefront. In many sectors Austrian enterprises are among the best in the world.

In relation to our population size, we have the most so-called ‚hidden champions‘ worldwide- companies that are among the global market leaders in their respective industries, regardless of their size. This is something we can be proud of and we should, indeed, show it by rewarding outstanding achievements accordingly. It is, therefore, all the more gratifying that this has been happening for many years through the ALC Award. And right now, in the midst of the biggest economic challenge in decades, Austrian enterprises have shown that they are capable of excellence even under the most adverse conditions, and thus keep the country going. For this, we must also show our appreciation.

Just as the companies honoured with the ALC Award are among the best, Austria as a business location must also be among the global leaders. Digitalisation, technology, research and development are the key themes on the path to it- a modern digital infrastructure, appropriate conditions for investment, as well as the best and most creative employees for Austria’s innovative companies, are essential. Austria’s Leading Companies, as a network, connects these enterprises, brings their services to the forefront and spurs them on to further excellence through healthy competition. And that is what makes a business location sustainably successful. So let’s honour outstanding achievements, because they deserve it; but let’s not forget to prepare the ground for them too.

Werner Kogler

Vice Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria

Austria can be proud of its diverse landscape of innovative and state of the art companies.

The COVID-19 crisis has made life exceedingly difficult for us in recent months. It is not only a health crisis; it has also had a severe effect on the economy and thus for Austrian businesses. As the federal government, it is our job to provide support for companies which are suffering from this situation through no fault of their own, and to help them through this difficult phase. 

But that alone will not suffice. It is important that we invest our way out of the crisis with foresight. Here, it is above all the large number of successful companies in Austria which can play a decisive role, because with investments in modern technologies – such as those in the fields of climate change and digitalisation to name just two – we can get our economy back on track and strengthen it in an international context. The recovery packages created by the federal government until now have been put together with this goal in mind. If we stick together, invest wisely, act boldly and put our trust in the ability of Austrian businesspeople to innovate, I am sure that we can emerge successfully from this crisis. And by the way, many future-oriented businesses can be found in this publication on Austria’s Leading Companies. 

I wish all readers an enjoyable time browsing through the expanses of the Austrian corporate landscape. And at the same time, I wish all businesspeople great success, and above all courage. You all make an essential contribution towards the colourful mixture of companies which make Austria into the business location it is.

Harald Mahrer

Presidents of the Austrian chamber of commerce

Located at the heart of Europe, Austria is one of the most internationalized countries in the world and a gateway between the East and the West.

We create one out of two jobs and earn six out of every ten euros in the export business.

And although the coronavirus pandemic has had a strong impact on the Austrian economy, it also highlighted the resilience of our business location. We therefore expect an increasing attractiveness of Austria as a destination for foreign direct investments after the crisis.

Austrian companies, too, are very flexible: They swiftly adapt their supply chains, establish new sourcing sites, set up new production facilities or diversify their product portfolios. Our ‘Advantage Austria’ network with offices in over 100 countries around the globe is well positioned to support our companies in their efforts. Moreover, they stand ready to assist foreign companies and stakeholders that are interested in doing business in and with Austria.

Thanks to the Austrian entrepreneurial spirit, our economy is comprised of various industry leaders as well as highly specialized, world-market ‘hidden champions’.

The “Austria’s Leading Companies” award is a competition that rewards large, medium and small enterprises alike. The prize puts the most successful Austrian companies in the limelight and showcases the entrepreneurial spirit of Austrian businesses.