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Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and United Arab Emirates

Bernadette Triebl-Wurzenberger, Head of Group Communications



Saubermacher AG is an international waste disposal and recycling company based in Feldkirchen near Graz.


The family company was founded in 1979 by Hans and Margret Roth and provides its specialist services to some 1,600 communities and 42,000 companies. The company employs about 3,200 people across six countries. Saubermacher is the most sustainable waste management company in the world. The company achieved a sensational first place in the GRESB sustainability ratings (96 points out of 100, 280 companies took part worldwide). Its “Zero Waste” concept means it strives to process all waste material so as to enable an increasing proportion of materials to be used as secondary raw material.

Saubermacher is also a partner in 21 Public Private Partnerships in Central Europe (including Graz, the second largest city in Austria), a world leader in (lithium ion) battery recycling, and is expanding its market presence as a leader in waste intelligence thanks to digital innovations such as wastebox and the service app Daheim as well as its “Smart Waste” projects.


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The company is a full-service provider for the recycling and disposal of all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.


Competent advice and customised solutions from a single source: customers can take advantage of extensive experience and expertise in all types of hazardous and ­non-hazardous waste. Dedicated Solution Managers help to quickly design customised solutions and simplify complex processes, helping to save time and reduce costs. Qualified waste and hazardous goods experts can also be provided, if required.


Digital services, smart container and logistics systems: careful collection is the key to ensuring proper disposal. State-of-the art container and order management technology in combination with special vehicles helps to ensure optimal disposal intervals. Digitisation and automation together ensure that Saubermacher can give customers a personalised service, without having to burden their cost structures.


Guaranteed reliability of disposal and economically efficient recycling: with a number of plants at home and abroad, as well as in-house laboratories, the company boasts extreme flexibility and guarantees to remove all waste. This helps to shield the customer from production downtime. In addition, the close network of temporary storage sites and plants ensures ecologically and economically advantageous recycling of waste, which is a real boon for customers and the environment.




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